Results for the Inaugural Green Wheel Relay 2012

1st Mens Team Nene Valley Harriers - All Stars
1st Ladies Team Riverside Runners - Riverside Hotties
1st Mixed Team PACTrac

Team Positions

Team Name Time
A Team "All Stars" Nene Valley Harriers 04:46:16
NVH 'B' Nene Valley Harriers 05:25:22
Thorney Old Gits and Martin Thorney Running Club 05:42:37
Grantham AC&RC Grantham AC&RC 06:03:00
5 X 5 Challenge Werrington 06:13:02
Might Be Fit By Then! Yaxley Runners 06:23:58
Werrington Tortoise Werrington Joggers 06:33:34
Eyes Forward Eye Community Runners 06:52:12
Eyes Left Eye Community Runners 06:53:29
Eyes Right Eye Community Runners 06:57:45
Riverside Hotties Riverside Runners 07:07:24

Stage Results

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