Eye Charity Race - Results from the 2024 Eye Charity Race 18th July 2024

Sunday 2nd June 2024

45 teams took part in the 12th GWR held on 2nd June 2024. Thanks to everyone who made it possible.

Everyone who took part should be proud of what they have achieved today.

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped to make the event a great success.

Results are available here

Thanks to Northborough School, Newborough Church and the 3rd Nene Scout Group at Stanground for their continued support. Thanks to Xtreme ales for producing our beers this year. Thanks also to the team at the track.

The 2025 run will take place on Sunday June 1st June 2025

The GREEN WHEEL relay is a seven stage race starting and finishing at The Athletics Arena, Bishops Road, Peterborough. The total distance is Fifty miles and follows the outline of the Green Wheel.

The Green Wheel cycle route provides over 45 miles of continuous sustainable routes around the city of Peterborough. Opening in 2000, it was one of the first large scale projects delivered by Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT). Although aimed at Cyclists the route is equally good for running.

This race has been designed specifically as a 'Team' event, with the intention that members of the team (or non runners) support each other. Whilst instructions for each stage have been prepared the course itself is unmarshalled, other than at the changeover points where times will be recorded.

The plan is that the majority of teams will finish within a short time frame. Accordingly start times will be allocated at 15 minute intervals between 7.15am and 11.00 am. Start times will be notified on receipt of team entries which require predicted times and confirmed no later than one week before the event. Changes to team members will be accepted up to the start of the race. Second claim runners are allowed.